Use Cases

Chatbots are an excellent tool to boost your Business.


Customer Support Automation

Data Collection

Ordering and Booking


Chatbots make it easy for you to carry out surveys for your audience and plan your business accordingly. The reach is huge and you get to know your customers better. We help you humanize the survey to connect better with the respondents and also customize it depending upon the requirement.

Data Collection

As chatbots gives you an opportunity to reach more audiences, it helps you collect data from a larger mass across different sections and age groups. More data helps to get more precise results which can help shape your business in the right direction.

Customer Support Automation

Chatbots provide 24*7 support and engage with your audience in every possible and interactive way. They can streamline the entire process of responding to the customer's queries and make it more effective.

Ordering and Booking

Ordering and Booking has never been this easy. Chatbots provide a platform to list your products, take orders and provide recommendations to your customers, easing out the entire process and giving you valuable customer information.


Get a look at the Industries we serve


Chatbots offer the retailers a cheaper way to interact with the customers. They can facilitate all tasks from customer support to online transaction.


Chatbots are instrumental in managing patient's vital medical data and providing them with healthcare consulation or medical support as and when required.


Chatbots are being used to power various financial processes in the BFSI industry. They are programmed to provide financial advices and similar services.


Chatbots can help simplify the entire process of the Travel industry making it more organized an giving customers an even better experience to remember.


Chatbots can help innovate transportation and logistic operations by providing it more accuracy and transperancy, and a better supply-chain visibility.


Chatbots help improve the customer reach for businesses in the Entertainment Industry by providing better customer support and personalised experience.

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Does Your Business Need a Chatbot too?

Bots are the future and the next big thing in the service industry. See the benefits they can bring to your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots have leveled up the Customer Support service in every sense. The response time is very fast and your customers can get instant answers to all their queries. Thus, leaving them more satisfied than ever.

Reduce the Cost of Ownership

Chatbots have the capability of handling multiple tasks at one time, helping you reduce the headcount. Addressing to all customers with the same stereotype questions is no more required, as chatbots can handle all of them at once.

Process Automation

Chatbots can automate and streamline various tasks for you helping you save both time and money. They can be progammed in any way you want a partcular task to be handled and update is as and when required.

Reduce the Error Rate

The biggest source of error are Humans and with technology by our side in the form of Chatbots, it can be reduced to the minimum. Chatbots go through multiple algorithms to assure you get an error-free outcome.

What are you waiting for? Accelerate your Business and Make your Customers happy by availing these benefits.

Our Services

We build bots to serve different verticals of Business.

Strategy and service design

Chatbots need to behave in accordance with the circumstances thy are put in. We focus on all important parameters like conversational UX and communication logic, to let you have a smooth and reliable interaction.

We align the bots and company's strategies together and develop an interactive prototype.

Bot prototyping

We understand your requirement and work to build a bot that suits every aspect of your business. We plan the strategy and feed the bot with the initial content and technology base that fits perfectly with the business goals.

The result is a bot that is compatible with all messaging applications.

Bot development

We thouroughly go through every step of the bot development cycle, keeping all minute details in mind to deliver you the best. Our bots are built in our own framework of Node.js and integrate them with any systems via API.

We let our clients have an full participation in the development cycle as well.


Our work doesn't end with just delivering you the bot. Our services are futher extened by providing you full after delivery maintenance. We strive to connected with you always.

We regularly monitor servers and application and fix bugs instantly to help you achieve the best performance.

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Leverage The Power Of Automation

Chatbots have the power to transform your Business.

Be Omnipresent

Chatbots are intuitive and can be deployed on any messaging platform. Make the world talk to your business using their favourite messenger.

Round-the-Clock Accessibility

Chatbots are accessible 24*7. Let your customers speak their heart out to the bots, giving them an experience worth remembering.

Streamline Your Processes

Chatbots are smart and can do everything what they are asked to. Get all your processes streamlined and organised in a techy way, with a human touch.

Scale Your Business

Chatbots can deal with several customers at a given time, saving money, time and helping you take your business where you dreamt it to be.


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